Welcome to my website!
My name is Victoria Filipenko.

I am Ukrainian based professional photographer and retoucher. 

Graduated from the New York Institute of Photography. I have been collaborating with Ukrainian artists, TV channels, magazines.


My photography directions:

  • portrait
  • content
  • family
  • wedding
  • love story
  • reportage filming of conferences, concerts, presentations, master classes, movies/series, tv shows


  • Hi-end retouching (processing of magazine photos, retouching of skin, hair, eyes, clothes, etc.); 
  • Beauty retouching (retouching with preservation of texture and details);
  • Color correction (tone, contrast, color, shades);
  • Technical cleaning of photos (removal of stains, dirt, debris, any distractions);
  • Creating composites, collages (combining different elements into a new picture);
  • Subject retouching (retouching of things, clothes, company products);
  • Clipping objects to any background.


You can learn more about my work in the Galleries section.






It is very important at some point to find a business that will give you the desire to live.